Saharan Dust Cloud over Lake Apopka

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It really is a small world. Who would have thought that dust from the deserts of Africa regularly travels across the Atlantic Ocean to visit us here in Florida? This year’s Saharan dust cloud was exceptionally big. Back in late June, the news was full of the Saharan Dust Cloud and the beautiful sunsets that it can bring.

Rich and I headed up to Lake Apopka for some sunset photography during one of the peak days. The distinct haze that had continued for several days was more pronounced at sunset, where the golden glow of the sun cast an orange light on the dust.

African Dust Storm Sunset
Saharan Dust Storm Sunset

We weren’t the only ones interested in sunset photos. Our usual spot was busier than usual as people milled about with cameras. Most were a little disappointed that we didn’t have more spectacular colors. But hey, how often do you get to photograph a bit of the Sahara Desert in your own backyard?

African Dust Storm Sunset
Saharan Dust Storm Sunset

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One thought on “Saharan Dust Cloud over Lake Apopka

  1. Wonderfully unique images!
    I’m collecting my own dust in the office and have been trying to convince Gini I will soon have enough to make fabulous sunset photographs. I think I’m winning her over …….

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