“Field” Trip to Oakland Nature Preserve

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On my last trip to Oakland Nature Preserve, I got a fleeting glimpse of the Field Sparrows hanging out there for the winter. I returned to try for better photos. Who can resist a “field” trip for Field Sparrows? :)

It took me a while to find the Field Sparrows again. There didn’t seem to be many little birds out and about. After a few minutes, I understood why as a Red-shouldered Hawk circled over the fields.

Red-shouldered Hawk in Flight
Red-shouldered Hawk in Flight

When I did finally spot the sparrows, I would have done a happy dance if I hadn’t been so busy focusing and pushing the shutter. Two Field Sparrows hopped out into the open just in front of me. I dialed in a little extra aperture to get both of them in focus. They are such cute little birds!

Field Sparrows

Once I found the birds, I followed them as they meandered through the fields. They didn’t stay in one place for very long. Focusing on birds through vegetation can certainly challenge my camera!

Field Sparrow
Field Sparrow

I thought they had flown off, then they popped up in front of me in beautiful sunlight. I was so close that I had to back up to focus. Rich’s jaw dropped when I got home and showed him the photos. He wants to know why they are called Field Sparrows when I found them in the trees… ;-)

Field Sparrow
Field Sparrow

As I started to leave, I heard the distinct call of a Painted Bunting. There were bird feeders in the backyards of some nearby houses. I spotted a male and two greenies at the feeder. The greenie had the reddish blush I’ve seen in an immature male. A great end to my little field trip!

Painted Bunting Greenie with Red Blush
Painted Bunting – Juvenile Male

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