Ducks are Back at Lake Morton

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Last Sunday I went to Lakeland to see if the winter ducks were back at Lake Morton.  Yep!  The lake had some Ring-necked Ducks, some Ruddy Ducks, and even a few Lesser Scaup.  Add in a few American White Pelicans and a fun new camera, and I had a great morning! :)

American White Pelican at Sunrise
American White Pelican at Sunrise

I arrived at Lake Morton about twenty minutes before sunrise, hoping for dramatic colors and pretty reflections in the pre-dawn moments.  But the weather didn’t cooperate.  (That seems to be a growing trend!)   It was cloudy and foggy and gross.  I barely took 10 shots for the next hour and a half.  So I was surprised when I got home and saw that I did capture some sunrise behind a pelican.  The pelicans spent the rest of the morning preening on a brick wall.

Lesser Scaup Take-Off
Lesser Scaup Take-Off (Click to see larger on 500px)

As the sun finally peeked out, I found one of the few Lesser Scaups.  He was out in the  middle of the lake, in the middle of some Ruddy Ducks.  While I was focused on him, he obliged me with a nice take-off.  I stitched his take-off together in Photoshop.

Wood Duck
Wood Duck

The Wood Ducks are at Lake Morton year-round.  They are used to people, so they are not as timid as normal Wood Ducks.  This one hugged the vegetation for a good part of the morning, then finally swam out into the open water for a few seconds.  Nice bird.

Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck Wing-Flap (Female)

The stars of the morning were the Ring-necked Ducks.  They were out in fairly good numbers, and they the most cooperative in swimming near the shore.  I lay down on the stinky grass to photograph them at eye level.  When a group of them swam by bathing, I knew I was in for some good luck.  Bathing ducks almost always finish their baths with a nice wing-flap.  The female Ring-necked Duck wing-flap is above, and the male is below.

Ring-necked Duck Wing-Flap
Ring-necked Duck Wing-Flap (Male)

The Ring-necked Duck male is one of the prettiest ducks I photograph.  You can really see his ring around his neck as he flaps his wings in the glistening sunlight.  This was by far my favorite shot of the morning.  It’ll be fun to return to Lake Morton to see if the Buffleheads return this year.  I’ve yet to see a male Bufflehead!

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  1. Excellent photographs, all! I would also be proud of that Ring-necked shot! Nice work! Hopefully, the lone Ring-necked Duck who spent the year here will be happy to see his friends return. (“Where have y’all BEEN??”)

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