What a Mouthful!

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Tonight’s is going to be a short post, as I am putting the final details on my photography presentation that I will give this Friday as guest speaker at the Trout Lake Nature Center.  I’m really looking forward to sharing some fun images with some great people.  While I’ve been approached several times through my website to do a presentation like this, this is the first time that I’ve had the time to invest in preparing it.  I hope it’s as much fun as I think it will be!

What a Mouthful for a Juvenile Brown Pelican
What a Mouthful for a Juvenile Brown Pelican

Today’s image is of a juvenile Brown Pelican that I found on the beach at Indian Rocks this weekend.  Pelicans are some of my dad’s favorite birds to photograph at the beach, and you can almost always find a friendly tame approachable one at Indian Rocks.  This bird had a small piece of wood that he kept tossing up and down.  I knelt down low to get the soft blue ocean behind him, then held down the shutter each time he aimed his open mouth at me.  Look at the details of his pouch!   We speculated that this juvie bird was tossing around the bark to practice handling fish in that big beak of his.  He sure made for a fun subject!

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    1. LOL, is that a nice way of saying, “hey, I remember while you stood there shooting for a long time while I stood covered in sweat, holding my heavy Beast, ready to head back to the car?” :) I did appreciate your patience! This was the shot I was hoping for…

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