Something New Hatched on!

Mobile Home
Mobile Home

Something new hatched on over Labor Day weekend!  I spruced up the website, adding a homepage to feature some of my best content.  I realized that with over 1500 posts, it’d be good to introduce first-time visitors to the highlights of my site.  So I added a slideshow header bar that links to some of my favorite photography experiences.  I also highlight some of my most popular pages, like my backyard bird identification page and my backyard rose page.  Both of those pages now allow you to sort the pictures by type to aid in identification.  The site is also fully responsive, meaning that it looks good on the computer, on your tablet, and on your phone.

I had a good time customizing some of the CSS and PHP code to tweak the theme the way I wanted it.  I’m not quite finished, but most of the new features are in.  I also corrected several embarrassing errors on my backyard bird identification page – I should update that more often!  I’ll be adding more birds over the next several weeks.

What do you think of the new site?  I’d appreciate the feedback, especially if something is not displaying correctly on your browser.