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    Full-Page Sandhill Cranes!

    Full-Page Sandhill Cranes! - November 2013

    Recently I was contacted by the non-profit organization Pacific Forest Trust.  They had seen one of my Sandhill Crane images on Flickr, and they wanted permission to use it in their magazine.  I said OK, if they would credit me and send me a copy of their magazine.  It arrived in the mail today, and I didn't expect to get such a thrill when I opened it up and found …Read More

    Something New Hatched on catandturtle.net!

    Something New Hatched on catandturtle.net! - September 2013

    Something new hatched on catandturtle.net over Labor Day weekend!  I spruced up the website, adding a homepage to feature some of my best content.  I realized that with over 1500 posts, it'd be good to introduce first-time visitors to the highlights of my site.  So I added a slideshow header bar that links to some of my favorite photography experiences.  I also highlight some of my most popular pages, like my …Read More

    How Cute!

    How Cute! - June 2013

    No, for once I'm not writing about a cute baby bird… As I went through some old camera bags this weekend, I came across this 16MB Compact Flash card.  It was the starter card for my Nikon Coolpix camera back in 2003.  (Yes, once upon a time I was a Nikon gal!) 16 MB was a lot of memory back in the day.  According to the back of the card, …Read More

    My Work Used by American Bird Conservancy

    My Work Used by American Bird Conservancy - May 2012

    Last fall, the American Bird Conservancy approached me about using some of my photographs to create educational panels depicting Least Terns and Black Skimmers. I gave them permission to use several of my images. This week they sent me pictures of the final panels. They turned out so well! They show all phases of bird life along the beaches. They gave me permission to share the Least Tern panel with …Read More

    12 Days of Christmas…Photographer Style!

    12 Days of Christmas…Photographer Style! - December 2010

    Last year Goldy and Squirt wrote a traditional letter to Santa Claws.  This year I figured I would set my letter to music.  You know the tune…and to be nice, I omitted all but the last stanza! On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… 12 skies full of birds 11 Compact Flash cards 10 Cokin filters 9 Better Beamers 8 Wimberley grips 7 5D Mark …Read More

    More Star Filters

    More Star Filters - December 2010

    Rich and I went Christmas light watching and took my star filter with us. The star effect is not as pronounced when the background is not very dark or when there is too much ambient light. But I think the filter does add to the "warm and twinkly" effect. It's fun to have photographic opportunities with Christmas lights-now that it's dark when I get home from work and I only …Read More

    Fun with Star Filters

    Fun with Star Filters - December 2010

    I've been wanting to try a star filter for Christmas lights for several years now. I finally got one and tried it — it's fun!! Point sources of light turn into stars in the picture.

    Mum-mum’s Flower

    Mum-mum’s Flower - September 2010

    Mum-mum asked for some close-up pictures of a flower growing in their yard. Here you go…seen any hummers near it yet? :) There was a butterfly who was fluttering around her zinnias a lot. He kindly posed for a few seconds.