The Snail Kite at the Circle B Bar Reserve

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The Circle B Snail Kite is banded, and I was pleased to get a decent shot of the band numbers on Saturday. It’s not often that I use both teleconverters on the Beast!

The left band reads “2510” and the right bands read “7Z”. I tried to report this to the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, but I haven’t had any response. Maybe I don’t have enough digits off the left band. If you know a better way to get information on this bird, please let me know. It would be fun to learn where she was banded!

Band close-up

Band close-up

The Snail Kite is such a beautiful bird. I was really happy when she left her feeding ground (facing into the sun) and stretched her wings over the water (away from the sun! finally!) That beak looks pretty strong – nice to admire from a distance! :)

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