Beyond the BackyardLake Morton

Gray Icky Morning at Lake Morton

I stopped by Lake Morton this morning on my way to help my dad in his computer lab. It was very gray and nasty outside as Tropical Storm Isaac approached. But I haven’t had much opportunity to photograph lately, so even gray days are fun. Plus I always enjoy my time with the birds at Lake Morton.

You can’t go to Lake Morton without seeing swans. I read recently that two Black-Necked Swans had been added to the “menagerie,” and I’ve never seen one of those before, so I was hoping to find one. I did! They were a little smaller than the Mute Swans, and not nearly as cooperative. One sat under the dark shadow of a tree while I was there, and the other wouldn’t stop eating. But at last he hopped into the water and went for a swim — away from the camera. When he turned back at me, though, I was ready!

I have tons of pictures of the Mute Swans, but I can’t stop myself from taking more. These birds are so graceful. Even when they are taking a bath! Look at all the water that he’s tossing around!