Circle B Awaits Tropical Storm Isaac


Although the center of Tropical Storm Isaac is several days away, the wind was already picking up this morning at the Circle B Bar Reserve. It felt great! I went out to Lake Hancock for the (lack of) sunrise, then stayed on the dock photographing birds in flight for almost an hour. The breezes were wonderful. Then I made my way up the Alligator Alley trail. It was great to get out there again, and I saw my first of fall warblers, Belted Kingfisher, and Bald Eagles. :)

I was surprised at the number of Black-Crowned Night Herons that were flying over Lake Hancock this morning. Chuck mentioned that these birds now have a daytime roost at Circle B. There were several Caspian Terns, too. A huge flock of White Ibis went flying off in the distance. All the usual waders were active near the dock. The juvenile Barred Owls put on a show as they flew across the trails, too. This year’s owls are very friendly and tolerant of people.

As I approached the Heron Hideout/Alligator Alley intersection, I began to hear the familiar calls of warblers. It always surprises me how much I have to let my ear re-acclimate each fall…warbler chips and cardinal chips are rather similar! I spotted Yellow Warblers, Prairie Warblers, and a female American Redstart. Circle B is not the place to go for great warbler portraits, if you are into perfect poses with backgrounds of solid color. But if you want to observe migrant warblers hopping around to find food, check for small flocks in the trees near the Four Corners intersection. I’ve always had great luck with migrants there.

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