Beyond the BackyardMead Gardens

Quiet Morning at Mead Gardens

On the morning of the big Fort De Soto fallout, the forecast was for clouds and rain.  I went over to Mead Gardens, figuring I’d get an hour of birding in if I was lucky.  Mead is a local migrant hotspot, so I figured I might see some birds brought in by the winds of the front.  Quite the opposite!  The birding was great at De Soto that morning, and very slow at Mead. 

This is the first Prairie Warbler I’ve seen all spring.  This one doesn’t look as snazzy as the ones in their bright new feathers.

I’m seeing more Common Yellowthroats around, even in my own backyard.  They are such cheerful-looking little birds.  I call the one in my backyard “Zorro” for his black mask.