Beyond the BackyardFort De Soto

Piggy-Back Rides – Fort De Soto Laughing Gulls

I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to photograph Laughing Gull courtship behaviors over the past two weekends at Fort De Soto.  My mom asked me, “what’s with your recent interesting in photographing…that?”  Well, it’s fun!  Birds can be such clowns when it comes to flirting.  And what photographer can resist a good action shot? Smile

The courtship begins with fussing.  Lots and lots of fussing.

The female runs around begging the male for food.

She pokes her beak at his face, just like her babies will soon be poking hers.  Then he regurgitates food for her to eat.  I guess in the birdie world that’s a nice thing to do…

Sometimes he offers her food that hasn’t already been digested!

After the food offering, the male hops onto her back for a piggy-back ride.

What began with much fussing, ends with much fussing…