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Preview of Coming Attractions…

I had the most incredible day today!  I went to Fort De Soto to check out the migrants, and I finally got my first Scarlet Tanager male, along with a ton of orioles, grosbeaks, buntings, and a few warblers.  Birders kept telling me that today was a “slow” day in comparison to last weekend’s fallout…but to me, it was awesome! 

I stopped at Lake Morton to check on the swan babies, and look what I found…

Swan's Nest with Baby

Swan's Nest with Baby

More coming in upcoming posts…just as soon as I finish blogging about last weekend’s photography!  I love the springtime and baby birdies!

2 thoughts on “Preview of Coming Attractions…

  1. Donna, Nancy, Raees, Daniel and I were there yesterday. We say lots of great migrants too, but I think we spent too much time on shorebirds. Shorebirds were slow and we should have just done some quick early morning shooting, then headed to the mulberry trees. Still, we had a great time, and like you, I got my first Scarlet Tanager. I didn’t do so well with most of the migrants. They weren’t all that cooperative (which is why I think we should have headed over there earlier than we did). Glad to see you had a great day there.

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