Beyond the BackyardViera Wetlands

Nesting Great Blue Herons

Last weekend at Viera Wetlands I had a good time watching some Great Blue Heron nests. 

This first nest had two small chicks, and the parents were being careful to keep the nest built up well around their young offspring.  One particularly long stick was rather problematic.  It was so long, longer than the nest itself.  No matter how they positioned it, it stuck out on the side of the nest.  For minutes they positioned and re-positioned that stick.  I kept waiting for them to get annoyed and just toss the stick overboard, but they didn’t.  The patience of these birdies is amazing to me.

This second nest had babies as well, and a frazzled mother who defended her babies from another Great Blue Heron who kept swooping in and invading the nest area.  I’m not sure if he was trying to steal sticks or chicks or what, but boy did Mama fuss at him when he came flying through!