Beyond the BackyardCircle B Bar Reserve

Achoo! Spring Cleaning Time at the Circle B Bar Reserve

Last Saturday at the Circle B Bar Reserve, I heard a familiar drumming sound as I passed a dead tree.  In previous years, Red-Bellied Woodpeckers have made their nests inside this particular tree, and I’ve enjoyed watching the cavity hole as food is brought in for the babies.  So I stopped to watch the old hole, but after a few minutes, I hadn’t seen the bird stick his head out.  Occasionally, though, little bits of sawdust would be tossed down from above.  So I moved to a different angle and started watching a bit higher up the tree.  Soon I had photographic evidence of the new hole being dug for this year’s babies:

I wonder how long it will be before eggs are laid in this new cavity?  Best wishes for a healthy brood of babies, Mr. Woodpecker!