Twist and Shout!

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I feel like this Red-breasted Merganser today, shaking off two looooong weeks of work.  It was literally eat-sleep-work, where I was logging over a hundred hours a week.  I think I’m just about done with the insane hours, so I hope to start blogging regularly again.

Red-Breasted Merganser Bath at Fort De Soto

Red-Breasted Merganser Bath at Fort De Soto

Today’s image is another Out-of-Bounds effect that I did in Photoshop.  It’s surprisingly easy to do.  This one took a while because of all the water droplets that I had to paint in using a layer mask.  I had envisioned the result to be a little more dramatic than this…somehow the water droplets didn’t turn out exactly how I’d hoped. Shake it up, duckie!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing daylight for the first time in two weeks, and re-filling the bird feeders that my little piggies had emptied.  I had a pretty high species count for my backyard:  Red-Winged Blackbirds, Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Palm Warbler, Yellow-Throated Warbler, American Goldfinch, Belted Kingfisher (fly-over), Cardinal, Painted Bunting, Brown Thrasher (back for the spring!), Cedar Waxwings (my first-of-season), Mourning Doves, House Finches, Laughing Gull fly-over, and Sandhill Crane fly-over.  We’ll see how long it takes them to empty the feeders again!

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