Twist and Shout!

January 22, 2012 - I feel like this Red-breasted Merganser today, shaking off two looooong weeks of work.  It was literally eat-sleep-work, where I was logging over a hundred hours a week.  I think I'm just about done with the insane hours, so I hope to start blogging regularly again.... Read more


December 29, 2011 - I saw flocks of Hooded Mergansers, then this little Red-Breasted Merganser swimming close to shore.... Read more

Sunset at Fort De Soto

April 22, 2011 -   (If I've mis-identified one of these birds, please post a comment or e-mail me.) Sanderling A couple of Red-Breasted Mergansers came up onto shore.  I've never seen one of these guys up close, as they don't come often to the Circle B Bar Reserve or any of the other…... Read more

Quiet Morning at Fort De Soto

March 12, 2011 - Herring Gull Disappointed to find the North Beach relatively empty, I drove over to the East Beach.  The light was at the wrong angle to photograph the small flock of sandpipers and little shorebirds, and it was too cold to wade into the water to position myself better.  There was…... Read more