Tiny Baby Mockingbird

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On our walk tonight, a girl showed us a tiny baby mockingbird that she had found on the ground.  It had fallen from its nest.  While I was happy to have an opportunity to photograph such a young bird, I wish it had been under better circumstances.

Baby Mockingbird

Baby Mockingbird

The baby mockingbird in our backyard is still fussing — a lot!  I was able to photograph him for three days in a row, but then he learned to be afraid of me.  Now I can only occasionally get a glimpse of him between the viburnum leaves.  There’s a baby in Carla’s yard, too, and they fuss to each other.  Rich has decided that mockingbird babies are indeed the most annoying birds!


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  1. I leave in PAsasdena, Ca. I have been fostering baby mockingbirds to place them back into the wild. If you ever need a person to help you with a mockingbird, I’d be delighted to do so.

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