Say Hello to Stoneybrook’s Newest Resident

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Rich and I ate dinner on the porch tonight with Squirt.  The backyard was very active, pairs of Northern Cardinals, Northern Mockingbirds, and Brown Thrashers hunting for worms and bugs.  We watched one mockingbird in particular as he grabbed worm after worm, then carried it repeatedly to the same spot in the viburnum.  Each time he went into the viburnum, I heard high-pitched calls, so I figured there was a baby in there.  I went out with my camera to look around, trying not to get too close.  I had just about given up on finding the nest when I looked up and there was the baby right in front of me!  He’s too young to be worried about me, so we stared at each other and I took his picture.

Baby Mockingbird

Baby Mockingbird

Tonight we had to chop down our grapefruit tree.  It has slowly been succumbing to blight and it has lost most of its leaves over the past few weeks.  It’s really sad to see it go, especially after watching the birds hopping around it all winter.  We didn’t see our Painted Bunting today, either.  :(

One thought on “Say Hello to Stoneybrook’s Newest Resident

  1. What a cutie. Hope to see more pictures as it grows up. Sorry about your grapefruit tree. Soon we’re going to have to do the same iwth our 40 year old tree. Although I hated picking up fruit all the time I’ll miss the shade. Are you going to replace yours?


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