House Finches


We’ve been seeing increased House Finch activity in the last week or so.   I’ve seen juveniles flapping their wings and begging for food, and older males starting to molt (and looking extremely scruffy!)  We’ve had six and eight birds at a time at the bird bath and bird feeders.  It’s nice to see the activity picking up again.

This afternoon I watched this poor little guy all fluffed up in the rain.  He was sitting on the feeder dozing off.  He’d pull a sunflower seed into his mouth, then his eyes would close, and the seed would fall to the ground.  Then he’d jump a bit, remember where he was, and start eating again.  I felt badly for the little guy.  These rainy days can’t be easy on the birds.

House Finch

House Finch

I love how my new camera does the “blinkies” in over-exposed areas!   The 7D’s low-light performance far exceeds the 40D.  Having higher ISO numbers with acceptable noise makes me feel like I’ve gotten faster lenses.  It’s great!!