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Robins Flying Overhead

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I keep hearing and seeing flocks of American Robins at Circle B, and today I heard them flying over our house, too.  It seems like the birds fly very high in the fall, so you don’t really see them and you’re lucky to hear them.  In the springtime they seem to come down a little closer, and then finally flocks will cover our oak tree and spread berries all over the yard.  So seeing them today makes me realize we’re getting closer to spring.  Isn’t it funny how it feels cold enough to seem like “the middle of winter”, yet the birds are already starting springtime migration and nesting?

Beyond the Backyard

Callaway Gardens Trip – Spring 2010

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Rich and I decided to take a week off this spring to go to Callaway Gardens to see the azaleas.  With the cold winter and early spring rain, the bloom was supposed to be spectacular.  It’s also very late – so the Callaway Azalea Watch was very helpful in planning our trip. The Mountain Creek Inn was full, so we ended up renting a cottage.  It was really nice.  We were right inside the gardens, and we woke every morning to bird song. One of my favorite things about Callaway is seeing flowers and plants that like colder weather, so I can’t grow them in Florida.  The flower beds were accented with pansies and tulips and daffodils. I took this picture in Mr. Cason’s Vegetable Garden in the morning while the gardeners were watering the flowers.  The water droplets add a fun effect. Rich asked me to take a tulip picture for his mom, and once I started trying to get good close-ups, I had trouble stopping.  Squirt says I should have gotten more close-ups of pansies while I was at it. Of course, the real reason we went this week was to see the azaleas.  Callaway has several azalea […]