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Hide and Seek

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Hide and Seek! (Sandhill Crane with Young)

This is a “digital art” version of a photo from last March.  The two Sandhill Crane colts were just a few days old.  The day was windy and cold, and Mom would occasionally sit down and create an “insta-nest” for her two tired colts.  The babies would scurry behind her back and crawl into her warm feathers. That’s the realistic story behind this photo.  After staring at it on our calendar for this month of January, however, Rich had a better interpretation.  Rich says it’s a game of Hide and Seek!  The colt on the right is hiding his eyes and counting down.  The colt on the left…well, we’re not sure if he’s hiding under Mom’s head, or asking for suggestions about where to go.  Better hurry up and decide!  10…9…8… I can’t wait to get out and photograph these beautiful birds again this spring!