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Astro Snoopy

Foggy mornings inspire me to play with the computer…and be a little silly! I took this picture of a Snoopy astronaut statue at Kennedy Space Center on Friday. Except he looked like he needed a better background than the bars surrounding his exhibit. I played with some of the astronomy filters from Flaming Pear to […]

Ribbons of Green

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This was taken the same day as the flower in my Reflection post.  I loved these little pink flowers and how they contrasted so nicely with the green leaf background.  For this one, I used Nik’s Midnight Filter to emphasize only the brightest tones of green, which created the effect of “ribbons of green.”

A New Day

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I’ve been having fun playing with some post-processing effects and filters. This is my latest experiment, using an image of a half-open Mexican Sunflower. I blurred the background a little bit to make the flower pop, then I played with the colors a little to darken the background. I learned something, too – these effects […]