It Rained on Friday…All Day!

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We needed the rain. We needed the rain. I kept repeating that to myself as I looked outside, wishing I was out with my camera. Why can’t it rain on days that I have to work instead of days that I have off?

So I stayed inside and worked on post-processing today. I had a lot of fun with my Fractalius plug-in. There are some pictures that it works really, really well on. Then there are pictures that it just doesn’t. This was my favorite from my attempts today. It’s a juvenile Wood Stork in flight, taken at the Polk Rookery earlier this year.

Juvenile Wood Stork Fractalius

Juvenile Wood Stork Fractalius

One thought on “It Rained on Friday…All Day!

  1. I went to Viera at the break of dawn and did some bird watching, then went home ready to enjoy the rain, take a nap… but no rain ever came…! I could have gone to the beach today!

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