Happy New Year!

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Happy 2024! It’s a new year and a great day to get out and enjoy nature!

I set up the Beast in our backyard to enjoy shots of my favorite buntings, finches, hummingbirds (yes, plural!) and maybe, just maybe, the goldfinches that I’ve been hearing. Alas, the birds were not cooperative, and after freezing for an hour, I had about 20 images on my card. But one of them features the little female hummer who has been frequenting the feeders recently. Sssh! I don’t think the male has noticed her yet – we’ll let him continue thinking that he owns the yard! ;-)

Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Ruby-throated Hummingbird

To start off 2024 with a grin, here’s the latest from my backyard birdcams. I’ve been moving them around to see who visits each feeder. The new cup feeder is a big hit with all the birds!

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