Hummingbirds and a Squirrel’s Foot!

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I’ve really been enjoying my backyard bird cameras. I can put them up close to feeders to monitor who is coming and going. That’s how I know I have at least two hummingbirds this year – both male and female Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. :)

Living in Florida, the heat spoils the nectar quickly, so I use small feeders that I refill often. I need to find one with a bee guard, though. The hummingbirds are fighting for access to the nectar – and it looks like the bees are winning.

Sometimes the videos shake violently, or I get a random big foot in the image. Do you think these squirrels might know why?
Squirrel on Hummingbird Camera
Squirrel on Hummingbird Camera

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