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Another Lake Apopka Sunset

A couple of weekends ago, the sunset forecast was pretty good for Central Florida, so I twisted Rich’s arm into visiting Magnolia Park on our way to the grocery store. He pointed out that we pass the grocery store on the way to Magnolia Park, haha, but he came along for the ride anyway. ;-)

Sunset at Magnolia Park
Sunset at Magnolia Park

There was a cold front coming through that evening, and the clouds in the distance were the leading edge. A church group sang in Spanish about the glory of God as we watched the sun dip under the horizon. The song was accentuated by the faraway calls of Limpkins and Peacocks.

As usual, I bracketed multiple shots at varying exposures and combined them using HDR. I loved how the fiery glow of the sun reflected off the lake in the afterglow image.

Sunset at Magnolia Park
Sunset Afterglow at Magnolia Park

A nice way to end the day… (and much more peaceful than the grocery store!)

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