Another Beautiful Sunset over Lake Apopka

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Last Friday I checked the Sunset Forecast website and saw red for the first time in months. Red, you see, is a prediction of a spectacular sunset. So I grabbed the camera and fought through traffic to get to my favorite sunset spot…yep, you guessed it, the Magnolia Park boat ramp!

Sunset over Lake Apopka
Sunset over Lake Apopka

The sky looked as if the clouds had been painted on. The strokes were broad and uneven. As the sun slipped below the horizon, the clouds lit up like they were on fire. I watched and marveled (and slapped at a few mosquitoes!)

It’s amazing to see the progression of color in the minutes just after sunset. I stitched together my favorite shots into a video to show the progression…

I think we were the last sunset-watchers to leave that evening. As we walked to the car, I turned around and said, “wait, just one more!” (Rich has heard that one before!) It’s not always possible to get this shot without a bunch of people in it…

Sunset Silhouette
Sunset Silhouette

A beautiful end to the day! :)

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