Brown Thrashers in the Backyard


Thanks to everyone who notified me today that my website was down. I upgraded the hosting service today, so it took a while for the updates to go live. Hopefully the site will be faster now!

The cats and I spent a pleasant hour on the porch this afternoon while I worked on the website. Whiskey and Squirt watched the White Ibis that were feeding in the backyard. It was hilarious to watch the cats peeking over the guard rail of the porch, trying not to move a muscle as they watched every move those birds made!

Then I heard a noise in the side bed, and saw our resident Brown Thrasher throwing mulch around. We have a pair of thrashers that hang around our backyard only in the springtime. They are very good about distributing my mulch all over the yard, and into the neighbor’s yard as well (sorry, Peter!) But today I forgave Papa Thrasher, because he brought me his baby to see! Little Thrasher stood patiently as Dad went to find him bugs. I grabbed my camera and got a few quick shots. This is the first year I’ve seen their baby in my yard.

Brown Thrasher
A Brown Thrasher feeds his youngster in my backyard.

Poor Little Thrasher appears to have a bum wing on one side and almost no wing on the other side. I think he had an unfortunate run-in with the neighbor’s cats. But he’s alive and eating well, and with Mom and Dad’s patient care, I’m sure he will re-grow his feathers and be just fine. I hope he’ll hang around the cover of my bushes until he’s ready to fly.