My First Rufous Hummingbird


This morning I headed to Bok Tower to search for hummingbirds and migrants. The gardens staff have worked hard to attract hummingbirds to the area, and they have certainly succeeded. I’ve never seen so many hummers there before. Clumps of hummingbird friendly plants are tucked all throughout the gardens, especially red salvias and firebush. I knew of a particularly large clump of firebush near the Window by the Pond, so I headed there first. And out hopped my first Rufous Hummingbird into the open to perch on a nice branch for me! I couldn’t believe my luck. It was such fun to watch these tiny birds swarming all over the firebush. I think there were several Rufous, but it was hard to tell because this gal (female? juvenile?) was being very territorial. She had claimed the biggest firebush, and she wasn’t about to let any other hummer nectar from it. Much fussing ensued. I could hear the whoosh! of their wings as they flew and fought with each other. After awhile, I watched them land back in the same places, perched in the tall oak trees above the firebush. They are pretty predictable little birds. And such fun to photograph!

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