Beyond the BackyardCoral Cove Park

Sunrise at the Shell Beach

This weekend we visited my grandfather in West Palm Beach after doing our turtle walk.  It was great to see him, and all the places in Juno that I used to visit as a child.  I had been especially looking forward to photographing the sunrise at Coral Cove Park, better known in our family as the “Shell Beach.”  My mom and I spent hours there combing the shore for special shells.  We had such a collection!  The “Shell Beach” is located off the intercoastal, where the tides are more gentle, so the shells tend to be in one piece.  But on this visit, my interest tended more to photography.  The rocks on the beach, which used to be such fun to climb, now make an interesting foreground for a sunrise photograph.  I had been hoping to catch the sun as it rose through certain holes in the rocks, but it was the wrong angle at this time of year.  I’ll have to try again on our next visit!  I also found some fun vantage points for the lighthouse in Jupiter.  Next time I’ll have to wake up even earlier to allow time to photograph the lighthouse too.  (Yes, photography does tend to make you do strange things…)

As the sun rose, a school of dolphins swam past, and I spotted several fins gliding by in the distance.  What a great end to a beautiful morning!