Put Your Best Spoon Forward!


I spent last Sunday morning at the Circle B Bar Reserve.  Boy it feels good to get back out there!  I was happy to find lots and lots of Roseate Spoonbills still hanging around off the Wading Bird Way trail.  I counted over 100!  These beautiful birds are some of my favorite ones to photograph.  About an hour after sunrise, they seemed to get their fill of breakfast, and they started to fly towards me in groups of one or two.  Can you say flight shot practice?  It was like when the American White Pelicans are in town, except pink!

Speaking of American White Pelicans, a few of those were also still on the water.  Normally the pelicans roost on the lake in the middle of winter.  I think it’s a little unusual that they are still hanging around.  I’m certainly not complaining, though.  They are fun to watch as they toss fish back into their mouths and swallow.

I had to laugh as a Great Blue Heron strutted his stuff…and then got very cautious as a small gator swam by him.

We saw the newest Sandhill Crane colts feeding in the early morning.  Several Common Moorhens have families now, too.  I wished they would bring their babies to the “good light” side of the trail.  I heard one Moorhen start to fuss, and had just enough time to focus and catch the “run on water” routine.  Splash!!

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