Here’s Mine!

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I chuckled when I checked my Flickr contact updates and saw that almost everyone had posted a picture of the “super moon” from Saturday night.  The moon was very close to Earth, so it appeared larger and brighter in the night sky.  I didn’t have much interesting vegetation in my yard to place in the foreground, so I just took the standard shot…

But then Rich pointed out the planet Saturn, which was just a little higher in the sky.  Carla and Peter came over to admire it through Rich’s telescope while I tried to get a post-able image through my Beast and 2x teleconverter.  The setup?  A locked-down tripod, remote release cable, mirror lockup, and adjustment of ISO and shutter speed such that the exposure was fast enough to not be blurred by Saturn’s motion.  My result isn’t all that impressive, but I had fun! 

2 thoughts on “Here’s Mine!

  1. Wow! You can see the rings of Saturn!! That’s VERY cool! I wonder if you can attach a camera to Rich’s telescope???

    Oh…and the moon shot is pretty cool too! :-) I was too tired to shoot the moon…especially after rescuing myself from the quicksand (or was it quick mud?).

    1. Cool, huh? I have attached a camera to Rich’s scope, but I haven’t gotten good images (yet). It’s tricky because there’s not a lot of light, and so you end up doing long exposures, which poses 2 problems: 1) the camera can’t be locked down on the scope, so it moves, and 2) the planet moves too!

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