Sunrise on Blue Cypress Lake

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On Saturday I joined friends Michael, Donna, and Susan on a much-anticipated trip to Blue Cypress Lake.  The lake is a prime location for nesting Ospreys.  I will post more on the trip and birds tomorrow – but for today, here are some teaser sunrise shots.  :)



The clouds added some interesting features to the sky as the sun peeked over the trees on the horizon.  The reflection in the lake water was beautiful!  I was so excited when the driver moved the boat between these two cypress trees, which completed the sunrise shot.  :)

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One thought on “Sunrise on Blue Cypress Lake

  1. I love the composition with the two trees. I was so focused on the front of the boat that I missed opportunities for tree silhouettes. I’m going to pay more attention to that in May…although I think the sun will be well up before we head out. Next year!

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