*UPDATED* Our Yard Migrants are Leaving :(


A few weeks ago, I took this picture of Bow Tie (our favorite little Yellow-throated Warbler) feasting on suet in our front yard.  Several times a day he would stop by, and he always attracted our attention with his happy calls (and our cats’ attention with his pecks at the window!)  But his place seems to have been taken over by the mockingbird, who is getting more territorial as nesting season begins.  I haven’t seen American Goldfinches or Painted Buntings in our backyard in several nights.  The huge flocks of Cedar Waxwings that were swarming around the neighborhood holly trees are nowhere to be heard.  The birds are leaving to head back north…now how many months is it until the Palm Warblers come back in October?

*UPDATE: Maybe the birds are sticking around after all! We had three American Goldfinches on the niger feeder this morning. Last night we observed up to three male and five “greenie” Painted Buntings. A small flock of Cedar Waxwings just flew overhead. So maybe we get to enjoy them for a little longer yet. :)