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Yellow Flowers at the Circle B Bar Reserve

The two questions that I hear most often about Circle B are
1) When do the white pelicans arrive? and
2) When do the yellow flowers bloom?

Well, I’m pleased to report that the answers to both questions are NOW! :) Several people have reported pelican fly-overs in the past week, and the marsh is all abloom with the burr marigolds. It’s a great time to visit the reserve!

I am still going through my pictures from this morning, so here’s a preview of coming attractions…

One thought on “Yellow Flowers at the Circle B Bar Reserve

  1. Oh boy! Pelicans and burr marigolds!! I had planned to be there yesterday, but I’m laid up with a cold/flu from my trip to Atlanta last week. I’m hoping to get out there on Friday now. Hope to see you there!

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