Calling All Birds and People to Circle B Photo Walks

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Our Circle B Photo Walk schedule has been updated.

  • The November walk was cancelled due to Thanksgiving.
  • The December walk was moved to December 10.

The songbird migrants have returned to Circle B for the winter, and the ducks are starting to arrive!  My dad and I invite you to join us for a walk around the reserve, and we’ll show you our favorite birding locations and give you some photography pointers.

The grackles were calling a few weeks ago at the Circle B Bar Reserve. They are common birds that some people choose not to photograph, but I thought it was fun to catch them with their heads back and their mouths open.

Want to learn more about nature photography at Circle B Bar Reserve?

Check out my Circle B Bar Reserve page with more information about the location, map, website, photography tips, etc. It is archived by date so you can see my images from previous visits. Maybe you'll be inspired for your own trip!

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One thought on “Calling All Birds and People to Circle B Photo Walks

  1. Cute action shot of the grackle. I love the way their wings shine. If you make plans to head out to the Bar on Thanksgiving weekend, give me a shout? I’m thinking I want to head out there some time that weekend.

    I still haven’t convinced my hubby to build the blind yet, LOL. Now I”m getting mostly squirrels in my yard anyway.

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