Goldy’s First Hummingbird


This weekend we had a very special evening in the backyard.  All three cats were on the porch with us as we ate dinner.  First we saw Baby C, the latest offspring of Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal.  We were surprised to see him this late in the year, and the cats were quite entertained by his hopping around at the feeder.  (Note: our cats do not go outside!)

The cardinal picture was taken through our screen, then I adjusted the Levels in Photoshop. While it’s not the sharpest image I’ve ever taken, I thought it wasn’t bad for being shot through the screen. I also kinda like the dreamlike quality.

Then we saw two Painted Buntings, a male and a female.  I don’t think I will ever get used to having them around.  They are so cool!

Then we saw the hummingbird!  It hovered around our bay window, alternating between watching us and nectaring from the firespike bushes under the windows.  Goldy was sitting at the right end of the porch, and she twitched her tail with delight when the little guy started nectaring not two feet from her.  I’m not sure what was more fun, watching the hummer, or watching the cats watching the hummer.  What a fun evening. :)