Three Generations


The days are getting shorter and I’m getting home later and later…not a good combination for new “In the Backyard” shots. Luckily I still have some fun pictures from Circle B last weekend to share. I think it’s supposed to rain most of the weekend. Sad news for photographers!

This is a family of Common Moohens – I mean, Common Gallinules — from Circle B last week. I thought it was cool because it clearly shows three generations of birds. The black bird on the left is an adult. The bird on the far right is a juvenile, just starting to get his full red adult beak. The guys in the middle are babies-turning-into-juveniles. Common Gallinules are somewhat special in that the babies from early spring stick around to help the parents raise the second and third clutches of the summer. Their plumage clearly shows who is who. But it’s funny — often you will see the babies refusing food from their older siblings, and waiting for Mom and Dad to hand out the treats!

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