Beyond the BackyardCircle B Bar Reserve

Into the Rising Sun

Work interfered with photography on this off-Friday, but I did manage to get to Circle B for a few hours this morning. I won’t have my full blog post ready till tomorrow, so here’s a teaser image of a flock of Blue-Winged Teals at sunrise over Lake Hancock. They are my first Blue-Winged Teals of the fall. Migration is so exciting, and a fireball sunrise is an added bonus! :)

I managed to get two images with the birds in the sun. This was the first, and I cut off the left side of the sun. In the next image (not posted), the birds have passed the sun. I may experiment with Photoshop and see if I can combine the images. I like how the birds are flying into the sun in this shot, but I also would prefer to see the whole sun.