Bird Nest Webcams


The Internet can be such a cool way to share and learn about nature.  For today’s post, instead of putting up my own pictures, I want to talk about two awesome websites.  They feature live webcams on two bird nests.
The first webcam is for Phoebe the hummingbird.  She’s an Allen’s Hummingbird living in California.  She regularly nests in a rosebush — up to 5 broods a year!  You can watch her babies as they change from little black blobs into beautiful young hummingbirds.  Here’s a shot from today, as she sunned herself in the sun, ignoring the little guy underneath her who wanted his dinner!

Phoebe the Hummingbird

Phoebe the Hummingbird

The other webcam is a Bald Eagle nest that Rich’s Uncle Bob emailed us.  Tiny babies are inside the nest, and you can watch the adult bird tending them.  It’s fun to get to see them at this early age, before they are big enough to peek out over the side of the nest.

Enjoy… :)