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Blue-Headed Vireo at Circle B Bar Reserve

Ever since Cole Fredericks, a noted birdwatcher in Central Florida, commented in the Circle B Flickr species list discussion that the list was missing Orange-Crowned Warblers and Blue-Headed Vireos, I’ve been on the lookout for those birds. Last week I got the Orange-Crowned Warbler. I’ve gone up and down Alligator Alley several times in search of the vireo, but not seen it.

So imagine my surprise when I flipped through my Lightroom catalog last night and saw a Blue-Headed Vireo!

I took his picture on January 7, 2011, in the tall trees at the start of Heron Hideout (coming from the parking lot). I remember Herman and I paused to photograph some American Goldfinches, and I thought this bird was a White-Eyed Vireo. Now that I look closer, the face is nothing like a White-Eyed Vireo!

Blue-Headed Vireo

Blue-Headed Vireo