Painted Bunting Update


The Painted Buntings continue to visit our front feeder on a daily basis.  This weekend we had a record number of three green buntings visiting at the same time.  Look carefully at the picture below and you’ll see two birds on the feeder and one on the branch in the background.

Painted Buntings

Painted Buntings

The male birds do not come as often as the females, and the males usually come alone.  I estimate we usually see one male for every ten female/juvenile visitors.

I’m having some luck acclimating the birds to a feeder in the backyard, with better light and photography setup.  I’m being very careful not to scare away the birds in my attempt to get better photographs of them!

So if you are one of the photographers who are anxious to come over and see the buntings, keep crossing your fingers…hopefully they will start to feed more regularly in the back, where we could set up a nice photography perch!