Bow Tie is Back! Bald Eagle at the Pond!


It was a very exciting evening for bird-watchers at Stoneybrook West.

First we saw Bow Tie, our little Yellow-Throated warbler that comes to visit Goldilocks each year. First we heard his little call (almost like a cardinal, but not quite) and then we saw him flitting through the palm trees. Welcome back, little guy! Free birdseed at Goldy’s house!

Then I glanced up at the pond and my mouth fell open as I saw a Bald Eagle standing right next to the sidewalk! and of course, this was one walk when I had decided to leave the camera at home. (Bad idea! Very bad idea!) I took off on a run back to our house, and was most of the way there before I realized that Rich had the keys. (Figures!) The eagle was still there when we got back, although he had moved off to the far edge of the pond. He had a crowd of onlookers, too. (Traffic stopped in the street!) I was glad there was barely enough light for decent autofocus, tried to take a deep breath, and shot…

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

How cool! I hope he decides to go fishing in our pond on a regular basis!