Meet Beaky Junior


Or is it Beaky-etta?  This juvenile cardinal has been so sweet for the last week or so, hopping around the backyard and chirping.  She seems to spend a lot of time with a male cardinal, who I assumed was her dad, until I noticed him doing the “hungry baby wing flutter.”  So maybe he’s her brother?

The little female cardinal was hopping around on my back stoop last night, eating some of the seed that I had spilled.  She didn’t mind me watching her for a minute, then going to get the camera.  It was so dark, I had to dial in a high ISO to get a hand-holdable shutter speed.  But the final shot definitely captured her innocent juvenile look.

Beaky-etta Junior

Beaky-etta Junior

Speaking of Beaky…Rich and I had fun Photoshopping Beaky into this “Pickles Party” picture for Carla, Peter, and Aaron.  We decided that Pickles was lonely this weekend while his people were out of town!  So we sent Goldy and Squirt to hang out with the birds.  Zach and Cody came out to play, and Beaky, the dove, and the squirrel came in too.  Squirt just has one question…which is the way out? :)