Rain Lilies


With all the rain we’ve been getting lately (and the hail today), the rain lilies have all started to bloom. Several bulbs tagged along with the crape myrtle that Mum-mum and Dyeyo gave us, and the pale flowers underneath the purple bush that is also starting to bloom is really pretty.

Rain lilies

Rain lilies

I also have a couple of bird events to note, even though I don’t have pictures for all of them.

  1. I heard a new set of baby cardinals fussing in our backyards this afternoon. I think they were up in Carla’s oak tree. Mr. C kept going between our feeder and that tree as the fussing continued.
  2. We’ve seen Tree Swallows in the evenings for the past couple of weeks. Like at Circle B, they are hard to photograph because they don’t like to sit still!
  3. We saw two juvenile Northern Shrikes in the weeping willows by one of the Stoneybrook West ponds tonight as we took our evening walk. At first it was odd to see four shrikes when there are usually two, then two of them started doing the baby bird “feed me” flap, accompanied by fussing. I’ll try to get a picture tomorrow!