Sand hill crane family


Rich and I saw some wild rabbits twice last week during our walks in Lakehurst at “Bunny Hour”, so this week I started carrying my camera in hopes of taking some pictures of them.  (They are cute!)  But of course we don’t see them when I have my camera with me (Rich calls it my bunny deterrent.)

But we did see this sand hill crane family out on the golf course.  Somehow I have a feeling that these may be the same family that we saw about a month ago.  If so, the baby has gotten big!

Sand hill cranes

Sand hill cranes

There was also a baby sand hill crane at work this morning.  He was about the size of the baby that I saw at the Circle B Bar Reserve last month.  It’s a shame I’m not allowed to take my camera onto the property…but it’ll be nice to see him in the mornings. :)

The neighborhood is alive with the sound of baby mockingbirds.  You can tell you’re near a nest by the shrill calls and the two hovering parents that are playing sentry nearby.  We keep seeing mockingbirds chase off a crow, too.  I did some reading tonight and found out that crows will upset the mockingbird nests, eat their eggs, and maybe even the chicks!  So I guess I did a good thing when I helped the mockingbirds chase off that crow yesterday.