First Place Roses!!


Peter and Carla are very good mail delivery people.  While we were on vacation, they delivered the American Rose magazine containing the results of this year’s rose photography contest.  Guess what?  Two of the three photos that I submitted won!!

My ‘Nancy Reagan’ rose took first place in the Hybrid Tea category:

After I came down off Cloud Nine for a few minutes and read the rest of the article, I realized that my ‘Gemini’ rose had also won an honorable mention!  Cool!

I thought it was funny that the judges ranked the pictures in opposite order of my preference.  Maybe it’s because the contest is judged both on rose excellence and on photographic excellence.  It’s hard to grow perfect roses in Florida.  The insects generally get the the buds long before I do!

Thanks to Rich for Photoshop-ing the correct spelling of my name onto these scans. :)