All’s quiet at Oakland Nature Preserve


Rich and I went to Oakland Nature Preserve for the first time in over a year.  We were disappointed because we saw very few birds.

Last year, Oakland Nature Preserve stopped putting out feeders for the painted buntings.  It’s sad to go by the bird blind and not see any. :(

The weather today was cloudy and kinda gross, which probably influenced the birds.

Out on the board, we saw several osprey fishing, a couple of cardinals, a mockingbird, some grackles, and that was about it.

Near the new nature building, there were a bunch of juvenile White-Crowned Sparrows feasting on the birdseed that was spread out on some old tree trunks.  So at least I took a couple of pictures.

Juvenile White-Crowned Sparrows

Juvenile White-Crowned Sparrows

I got a few decent close-ups of the sparrows.  They are winter birds in our part of Florida.

Juvenile White-Crowned Sparrows

Juvenile White-Crowned Sparrows




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