Where are all the birds?


We’re starting to see a few more birds in the yard, but not as many as usual, and no goldfinches yet. There have been a couple of new house finches (I think the darker red ones are migratory…I never see such bright red guys in the summertime), some brown-headed cowbirds and red-winged blackbirds, the yellow-throated warbler Bow Tie still visits pretty regularly, and then our regular doves and cardinals. I’ve heard some blue gray gnatcatchers like the one pictured here, but still haven’t seen one (this picture is from the Circle B nature preserve in Polk County, where we went this morning to birdwatch).

Goldy is starting to feel neglected…where are all the birds and why aren’t they eating the free birdseed at Goldy’s house?

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher

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