Under my Wing (Snowy Plover Mom and Baby)

Another Family of Snowy Plovers!

July 19, 2021 - ...Morning spent lying on the sand photographing a Snowy Plover mother and two-week-old chick. I loved it when Mom took the baby under her wing! Read more

Wilson's Plover Chick

Wilson’s Plover Chicks

August 9, 2015 - ...Four Wilson's Plover chicks at the Matanzas Tern Colony challenged me to focus as they ran around the beach like little monkeys Read more

Red-Breasted Merganser

Springtime Bird Photography at Fort De Soto

April 15, 2014 - ...April is my favorite time to visit Fort De Soto in St. Petersburg, Florida.  The sandy beaches are beautiful, the spring winds are cool, and my toes get to wiggle in the ocean water as I photograph the birds molting into their breeding plumage.  An April visit always has the possibility of a fallout, where […] Read more

Wilson's Plover on Eggs

Wilson’s Plover Nest

June 9, 2013 - ...On the morning that I photographed sunrise at Washington Oaks, I also made a stop at the Matanzas Tern Colony. In previous years, I’ve spent some very special mornings lying on the sand, watching the Least Terns and their tiny chicks. I was a little worried that the birds would find a new nesting site […] Read more

Least Tern Courtship

May 14, 2012 - ...Ever since my terrific morning photographing the Least Terns at Fort Matanzas last spring, I’ve been counting the days until their return. I couldn’t wait to have more opportunities to photograph these little birds. They return to Florida in the last few weeks of April and begin their courtship behaviors immediately. Their nests are tiny […] Read more

Tern Colony at Matanzas Inlet

May 31, 2011 - ...I’d heard about a Least Tern Colony at Matanzas Inlet.  It’s the biggest in Florida, numbering up to 200 nests (and yay for Audubon’s success in closing the beach to vehicles that were running over the nests and chicks!!) Since I was in the neighborhood this morning, I stopped by to check it out.  Except […] Read more

Beautiful Morning at Fort De Soto

November 23, 2010 - ...Dyeyo and I visited Fort De Soto this morning. After my last trip there in September, I was looking forward to beaches covered in birds. But the North Beach was almost totally empty! We ran into a nice couple from England who have been vacationing at De Soto for the last month. They said that […] Read more