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Callaway Gardens Vacation: Part 3 – Birds!

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My favorite place at Callaway Gardens is Mr. Cason’s Vegetable Garden.  On our first visit, Rich wanted to check out the veges, and I thought I’d be totally bored.  But it was quite the opposite.  There are tons of birds in the garden.  In fact, it is a certified Backyard Habitat.  It’s not just vegetables, either.  They plant flowers in the garden, too, including a Trial Garden for new varieties of plants.  On this trip, the large patches of zinnias were particularly attractive to the butterflies, goldfinches, and hummingbirds. Our first night there was the only night that the vegetable garden was open for sunset.  Each night after that, the gates were locked long before the golden light hour.  We were very disappointed.  Mornings are just not the same, with the staff working in the garden and mowing and pruning and startling the birds.  (I know the birds are used to having people around, but they pose a lot better when the garden is quiet!)  Also disappointing was the presence of this Red-Tailed Hawk in the garden on the one evening that we were able to photograph there.  Although I’d never seen a Red-Tailed Hawk before, and I enjoyed the […]